WISE has the endorsements of best selling author and Marketplace Ministry Pioneer Os Hillman, President of Marketplace Leaders.

“We all need a team that can support our calling through intercession. Charles and Liz have been longtime friends and trusted intercessors for our work. I highly recommend Charles and Liz and WISE as a valuable addition to any organization that wants to ensure that the spiritual foundation of their calling is secure.”

WISE is also endorsed by Apostle C. Peter Wagner (see WISE mentioned in his presentation on Marketplace Intercession here).

Our company has supplied equipment to contractors for more than ten years. In 2012 sales were $883,000. In 2013 sales were $1,554,000 – a 76% increase. Why? How could we do it again next year? We two owners could not come up with anything that we or our staff had done that was responsible for more than a few percent. We had a meeting with our staff – same conclusion. But – all of us start every day at the office praying together. We have given the business to God, we are His shepherds, and we love to give. AND – we partner with WISE Ministries. Charles and Liz Robinson give us personal prophecy and counseling. Their intercessory prayer team is indefatigable, and gives us written reports every two weeks on what God is saying as they pray for us. God takes good care of His own, and He gets all the glory!

- EH President

When I was there in person at the WISE USA Headquarters we had a time of prayer and you (Liz) were sitting quietly off to the side drawing on a piece of paper and you shared it with me. The drawing was dated October 2011. It was a drawing of a city and me as a stick figure on a road away from the city. At the edge of the paper I was turning 180 degrees away from one city towards a much nicer looking city. You had several words about this drawing.

The words were that God sees me as a knight in shining armor and is going to connect me with other significant people; that I'm going to have a turn of events and that God is preparing a people for me to impart to and impact. That's the basis of the diagram and I put it aside and went on with things but at the same time Charles was saying to me multiple times to "hang in there until June", don't do anything drastic until June because there's something going to happen in June.

What's happened is that your diagram is incredibly accurate! In retrospect it's amazing and when I show it to people and give them the story behind it the most common thing I hear is, WOW!

Here's what's happened. We gathered all our forces and did a major effort to sell around doing public seminars. To put this in perspective, three years ago we had ~800 people in these seminars and this year the first six cities that we promoted, which are cities where we have a good standing client base, we had a total of one registration. It was clear that God was saying that it was time for this to be done. We couldn't have tried to do that bad! There was supernatural involvement in this. I saw this as the turn of events which you had drawn in your picture.

I began searching for something else to do and asking God what does he want me to do. I was lead providentially to a group called "Truth at Work". This group organizes Christian CEO roundtables. We're going to be doing a video webinar roundtable with Christian CEOs meeting on a monthly basis, helping them grow their businesses and develop spiritually. I am absolutely convinced that this is the fulfillment of the words that you wrote down about God preparing a significant people group for me to impart to and impact. So, this all happened in June! We're talking about working with CEOs of Christian businesses around the country and maybe even around the world in these webinars.

I'm just here thinking Wow! This is incredible!

*Note from Charles, we had worked with Dave for 18 months and helped him through a very challenging time as God was shifting his sources of supply from that which was familiar to that which was unknown (but now known). This is the "Issachar Anointing" in operation. The "Times and Seasons of Dave's life and his business were shifting but God had a plan and a purpose; we just needed to "plug into" His plan, hence the diagram and the timing – "Don't do anything until June". We can do the same for you. BTW, Dave and WISE are now partnering to bring our services to his group of CEO's.

Dave K., Comstock Park, MI

Charles, you gave me a word that a credit was coming to me from a lawyer. Out of the blue a lawyer contacted me 2 weeks later with a surprise credit that was due to my wife from over two years ago. It was enough to cover our rent that was due in days. Praise God.
Calgary, AB

"I have been using the services of WISE Ministries for the last 3 months and have found it to be a tremendous blessing. The team have been very supportive of me and my coach was great. She always had an encouraging word to say and many words of wisdom.

The prayers and support I received really helped me and I know that the Lord was answering those prayers and healing me of various issues and challenges I was facing. It was great to know that I had a team of committed people supporting me through some very difficult times.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend WISE to anyone".

Natalie B., Darby, England

"As the Founder and CEO of a company that reaches directly into all Seven Mountains of Culture, including nearly half of Fortune 100 corporations, our partnership with WISE Ministries has been invaluable. We would not be as effective or have the influence that we do without their support and friendship.""
Randy S.Washington State

"Our business has just celebrated the receipt of over $100,000 for delivering four large commercial generators. We had paid for and housed these generators in our warehouse over a nine-month period. Our customer had given us a purchase order for the generators, but was then paralyzed by state bureaucrats who insisted he could not install the generators without their permission. This dilemma was a subject for prayer for many months. Eventually we received permission to ship the generators, just before our fiscal year end, and this week the bill was paid in full! This is definitely a victory for all of us—WISE Ministries and for our company. We are awed by the resolution of this most difficult situation."
Eugene H.Rochester, NY

"Within two weeks of contracting with WISE Ministries for intercession, we felt a blanket of spiritual oppression lift, and received about $50,000 in unanticipated revenue. Since then, our business has turned up, and we feel the active intercession of God in our business and personal lives."

Dave K., Comstock Park, MI

"I became acquainted with W.I.S.E. at a point in my work life and life in general when I felt very stuck. I sensed I had a calling for business and the arts and had visions that the Lord had given me regarding these. I knew that I was capable, but no matter how hard I "tried," nothing I attempted seemed to gain traction and bear much fruit. I didn't understand what was hindering me; it was painful and it was causing financial problems as well as a sense of shame, confusion, failure and isolation.

Over the course of three months as I participated with W.I.S.E. in weekly coaching sessions, their prayer ministry and committing myself to the process as well, I experienced phenomenal breakthroughs that probably would have taken several more years to happen and who knows if I would have received all of them.

The Spirit of God was so present in our calls and in the prayer ministry and was with us every step of the way. I know now that I am indeed a "creative" person who has a very real calling for business. I now have focus in direction and the revelation of the Father's love for me is a personal reality. I am developing incredible connections and relationships in the area of the arts and business, and the blessings and freedom have overflowed to my family as well.

The ability of my W.I.S.E. coaching and intercession team's ability to see beyond my blind spots, to encourage me, to speak truth, to stand with me, and fight for me in the Spirit was a gift from God; I'm so grateful to them for that. Thank you, W.I.S.E.!!"

Christina P., Denver, CO

"We are going through a difficult time with a business partner. As I was struggling with how to handle an e-mail reply to them, I was praying and your e-mail immediately came in with the audio file. I didn't realize you had captured the prophetic ministry at the Os Hillman Change Agent conference. Thank you for sending it. I listened to it intently. God is speaking directly to me through you all. I sensed the Holy Spirit's presence there, and when I listened to it again, and it affected me the same way again.

You all have a special anointing that is flowing through you and with the work you are doing; one that is much needed in the marketplace. I've seen How MUCH it's needed, here, in Europe, Asia and all over the world. God Bless You all, and keep up the good work! It's important."

Allan K., Louisville, KY

"Pastor Charles prayed prophetically over my wife and I in February 2009. Among many personal words of the Lord that were received and clarified throughout the year, there was a word given about our investment business, Kingdom Legacy Fund. The Lord spoke through Charles and indicated the fund would have returns of over 100% and even up to 800% coming. I must admit, my mind didn't really grasp those levels of returns as our best year was 18% and worst ever was just over 12%--we considered those to be good enough for anyone. As I prepared for strategic planning for 2010, just doing some number crunching, I calculated that we had increased capital to invest by 846% and the annual return for 2009 was 100% better than our best year--18% in 2002 to 36% in 2009. The numbers didn't translate in my mind as earnings, but they did translate into impact for our company and for our clients. We are grateful to WISE for their continued prayer for our business, clients and principals of Kingdom Legacy Fund."

John M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I've only been with WISE three months, but already see benefits. Prayers that'd I'd been praying for quite some time have been answered 'fast-track'. God is doing the work, but I believe He is pleased when His children partner together to come before Him. I also appreciate their interest in my family, as family issues can affect business. Their weekly counsel has been inspiring and thought-provoking. If you're unsure as to whether to partner with them for prayer and support … go ahead and take the risk … God honors our faith."


"The Intercession we have received from WISE for the past three years has been and continues to be invaluable. In the spiritual we have seen the unknown become known & understood, the hidden revealed and the tide turned. In the natural we have seen real results, coming into a place of greater understanding about how to move forward in business. We have had a time of slower sales of our new homes, and the prayer and business intercession and timely word & insight has provided a real boost in not just sales but in our attitude and outlook and understanding about the future and how to walk into it. I believe that any business will benefit from the prayer & intercession services that WISE provides."

Fred T., Tuscaloosa, AL

"I have been blessed with WISE marketplace ministries. I have enjoyed our prayer times, meetings and prophetic words. I also have been blessed by the intercessor that was assigned to us and the detail of her prayer time, emailed to us. This has blessed me to see the type of prayer going on behind the scenes. May God richly bless WISE and open new doors to new businesses."

Daniel G., Austin, TX




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