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Ministers One-On-One to the CEO & Other Leaders

WISE Spiritual Coaches have a strong foundation in business and have a mature spiritual background that help jump-start your personal, spiritual and professional goals and help you through the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill them. How would you like someone in your life that keeps you accountable to your goals; someone that personally cares for you and is not afraid to address issues that you may or may not be aware of? God creates each of us with inherent strengths and weaknesses that he uses to develop us into mature Christians.

God wants you to be a “lover of truth”. If you are determined to walk in truth and to shun deception through ungodly beliefs about yourself, God or others, if you are determined to get the victory over long-standing “issues” in your life, if you need someone to challenge you to go to your next level, if you desire someone to be a sounding-board for you spiritually who will train and challenge you to hear the voice of the Lord better, if you see a need for someone who can provide prophetic input into business decisions, a WISE spiritual coach may be just what you need. Onsite visits and regular meetings help to establish a growing working relationship.




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